Product & Pricing

WillPower Point of Sale Price Structure

Product DescriptionPriceVatContract Duration
Software Rental Pricing from  (1 x Pos, 1 x Back Office)

R495  per/month
Additional Tills +R195 each/month

Excl VatMonth to Month 60 day  Notice
Software Support from R250 per/monthExcl VatMonth to Month 60 day Notice
Software Outright Purchase (SQL Version) R38 000Excl VatLifetime License

Our 2024 Price Structure presents tailored Price Models for WillPower's Clients to stucture payment according to their needs:


The Purchase Option is ideal for the Client that does not want to be concerned with monthly license payments. The once-off license payment gives the Client a license that will not expire provided that the Maintenacne & Support Agreement is in place to ensure that  the resources required to provide a 24/7 support service is funded. There is a limit off-course and while WillPower will always try its best to support older versions of the software; just like old computers, eventually, as technology evolves, software becomes incompatible if not developed in alligment with these advancements. The Purchased Licensed Software will be supported for 5 Years and during this  time software updates and issue resolutions will be dealt with as part of the maintennce agreement. Software is required to adapt together with technological advancement in hardware and infrastructure and as such may require your business to re-invest in a new release somewhere in the future,

It is important to note, that the once-off license purchase does not meen that the Maintenance & Support Agreement is not needed. Your Point of Sale and Back-Office Suite is an Operational System and critical to your business. This means that WillPower is required to ensure that a well equiped Call Centre and Mobile Technical Support Staff are available to attend to Client Queries and provide a reliable On-Site Support Service. Think of this Maintenance Agreement as a Health Insurance Plan; the principle is the same in that WillPower is required to have the staff and the equipment on-hand should the support be needed.


Some Clients prefer the Monthly License payment plan as this spreads their payments throughout the year. The benefit of the Rental Agreement is mainly that the Client has continuous access to the latest updates and product re-leases. This means that as long as your License- and Support & Maintenance agreement is in place, you do not have to be concerned about purchasing the next major re-lease, roughly every five years. On the Rental Agreement, we'll ensure that you remain on the latest version allowed by you hardware and network infrastructure. Separately to the License Rent Agreement, the Maintenance and Support Plan must alo be in place in order to ensure timely support.


The Hosted solution is our new kid on the block. Most businesses are now quite used to making use of cloud solutions like iCloud, Google Drive and many, many more. With the Point of Sale solutions we still prefer for the POS Stations to be installed locally on hardware at the client's site, but with this the benefit is that the Back-Office is hosted on one of our Super Duper Servers. The major benefit of a hosted solutions is that it negates the need for additional investment for harware and network infrastructure costs as we keep you running on our hardware. We'll keep up the security, data back-ups, hardware & software maintenance by taking care of the routine system maintenance in order to keep your system running smoothly.

The Hosted solution is great for those clients that don't whant to worry about getting a technician out to investigate why the computer or server is not performing as it should. It is an added advantage for the business owner that travels extensively and would like to get into his back-end remotely while being mobile.

Back-Office Suite

The WillPower Back-Office Suite offers deep functionality allowing the kitchen of a restaurant, guest houe or a deli to break down the costs of all menu items to the finest level of expense management. Our Back-Office functionality makes the management of your profit margin simple, yet powerful. Never again wonder if you are profiting on your input costs and whether you have control of your inventory and the application of inventory through to the recording of your sales. In short, this software suite makes available to you the features of a fully fledged Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution at a fraction of the cost. We are adding functionalty continuously and making efforts to simplify the more complex functions all the time, giving you all the power, but less buttons.

Point of Sale

The Point-of-Sale (POS) interface confirms at ffirst glance that the POS Station is representative of the capability and resourcefullness of the Back-Office' "brain". The level of functions that have been built into this Point-of-Sale solution puts the power in the hand of the business owner and allows its POS Operators to handle allmost any kind of customer scenario in verying types of operation in both Retail and Hospitality.

Back-Office Cloud Host Solution

Our Hosted Solution does not mean that your entire business system is kept somewhere in the Cloud and when you loose Internet Connectivity, your POS System is off-line as well. We know that your systems need to be available every minute of your business day.

No, with the Hosted Solution, we keep your Bsck-Office Suite on one of our secure and managed Servers. A mirror image is kept at our clients premises to ensure that the POS Stations can awlay be monitored and updated. 

The Advantage of this solution is that our clients can have access to their business when they are mobile, lnowing that the business system together with the business crytical data is being kept secure and in good running order.

Scheduled Maintenance is taken care of and updates to the software suite is immediate. The Mirrored Back-Office Solution is kept is sync with oneanother with the end objective in mind of creating a system architecture that gives our clients the best-in-clsss in security, data redundency as well as off-site data back-up with fail-over procedures.

Maintenance & Support Agreements

Maintenance and Support is essential to our Product and our Brand. In order to ensure that our clients can call us, and if we are not able to resolve the matter via the telephonic support, that we are in a position to send out a Technician to resolve the matter on-site.

On-going support requires a signed Support Agreement and to find out more about this, please contact us for more information.